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Accumulator Generator Review

Accumulator Generator

Have you ever thought, a generator can also offer a variety of betting tools? If not, then do think because it is possible.

You might find various on the internet, but the one we are talking about is exceptional, Accumulator Generator.

In this article, we will take a look at this generator, how it works, what betting tools it offers, and what people think about it?

Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator for Betting

Earning profit has never been so guaranteed when you have 50-50% chances of both winning and losing. But, Accumulator Generator has resolved this issue, here there is a 100% chance of winning since because of the feature, lock-in a profit regardless of any outcome. In simple words, no matter what is the situation in the game, it will not affect your payback. So whether you are a beginner or some expert bettor, this software will make sure that your investment should not go to waste. Therefore, you should at least try this software for once so you come to know that it is true! Now let us go through the detail, how it works.

How Accumulator Generator works

MIKE CRUICKSHANK, the original creator of this low-risk software, has helped over 60,000 people in earning a profit. He launched it with an intention, those who are new to the field of betting, learn the art without any hesitation.

Accumulator Generator takes advantage of the bookmakers’ refunds by working them out in your advantage. You will find numerous special offers on accumulator bets where your stake gets refunded again when you lose against some other team. In simpler words, if you are standing on two boats and loses one, then you will get it back in the form of a free bet.

Though these offers are a permanent source of income for bookmakers, but thanks to Mike who has sorted out a way to use them in your advantage. The system lays the bet against the potential refund while keeping an eye on all the possible outcomes and ensures no matter what, it must not affect your surplus.

What’s more interesting! You don’t need to search for these bets since they will be there on the page. Even you don’t have to go through hefty calculations either because they will also be done for you. You also do not need to have a knowledge of odds and teams because this server will handle everything. Are you wondering, how comes? Then see what’s included in it:

What’s included

When you install the Accumulator Generator, you don’t need to download its features separately since you will get everything in a one go. Following are the characteristics that you’ll find in this software:

Acca Matcher online Portal

It is a place where you spend most of your time:

Accumulator Generator Matcher

Here you will find

  • A list of teams-in-action and actively running bets.
  • An absolute amount of profit that you can earn by placing an accumulator bet.
  • A kind of a Goldmine where you find Betting shop odds, to avail the Acca insurance to the fullest.
  • One-click calculation
  • A customized Acca matcher with which you’ll see those bets that are ready to qualify for bonuses.

Bet Finder

With this tool you can:

  • Numerous bets other than accumulator offers
  • An updated list of offers every 60 seconds
  • Accumulator bets on various leagues

Accumulator Generator Bet Finder

Done-for-you Calculators


This automatically fills your stake and odds in the field, when you come to calculations. So no need of grabbing a pen and paper, just click once and the job will be done for you!


Here, you also receive notifications regarding the next gameplay, which keeps you prepared all the time. It also reminds you about on-the-run and finished bets.

Videos for training and demonstration

Accumulator Generator Acc Matcher

You will also find numerous videos, in case you want to learn betting or want to increase your expertise. They include:

  • Basic Tutorials
  • A secure checklist
  • Training mode
  • Advanced Tutorials

The Training Mode

Accumulator Generator Trainning

One of the best qualities that Accumulator Generator has its Training mode. It is especially handy for beginners who need to learn the necessary skills, in case of betting. These tutorials are so much easy to understand that once you go through them, you will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes on betting.

Custom support

It is not possible, you don’t have any questions in mind. If you can’t think one at the moment, then you will eventually. Therefore, the team handling Accumulator Generator stays active all the time to ensure, you never go unanswered.

Why choose Accumulator Generator?

Are you confused, whether Accumulator Generator really worth that much? Then yes, it is! Just continue reading, and you’ll know.

  • You can easily find bets that suit you the best.
  • All calculations are done just by one click.
  • You can place bets through your cellular device also
  • The list of bets gets updated, every 60 seconds
  • The server reminds you of upcoming games every now-and-then.
  • You can learn the art of betting through its attached related-video clips.
  • You do not need to invest bundles of cash to earn profit.

What if you have two losers?

You might be thinking if this generator works so well, then what you will do in case of having two losers instead of one in your Accumulator? Since the bookmakers only refund those who have one loser. But now don’t think about it as well because Mike has covered everything in such a way that you will never lose every time you bet. Basically, once one leg of the Acca loses, you are still utilizing the free wager while you lay against the potential refund.

Accumulator Generator- Strategies

Accumulator Generator avails five different strategies, in the light of the fact, you must not lose too much. These are as following:

A hope:

Placing Acca with bookies and laying it off with the exchanges means that you are hoping if your one leg loses, you get fully refunded. However, if no leg or more than one loses, then you suffer from a small loss.


You lay off each Acca as you continue, continuously making more money through it all along before you hit a loser.

Earning profit for sure

As you continue with the process, you lay off each section of Acca in such a way that no matter what, the amount of profit you earn remains the same.

Beneficial play

When you play the offers if you have won overall, then, it will earn you quite a profit, even though, you might not win all of these offers.

Quick Results

Moreover, you can lay the bets here at the same time, which means you do not have to wait long for results.

Accumulator Generator- pricing

To be honest! The accumulator generator offers a fluent performance, at such an affordable price. Although it worth twice than that! The creator of this software has considered the worth of the bettors very seriously as he knows the person stepping in the field, might be a newcomer or just wanted to see, how the software works. He paid full attention to the details of subscription that you don’t have to pay for every feature separately. By merely clicking once on the field, you get everything that this server has!

So do you want to take a look a look at the payment plan for this software, okay, here it is:

The price of Accumulator Generator is £199. However, the creator has given an offer in case if you want to test the server first then pay £1 for a 14-day trial, in which you will get all the features at £1 for 14 days. Here is the screenshot for that:

You can pay here both by a credit card and PayPal account as you can look at the bottom of the screenshot

The Related-Videos

The product itself as in reality truly simple to utilize, however to enable you to begin Mike has given a progression of preparing recordings, which help you to understand the fundamental rules of a Football Accumulator. Everything here is explained point by point whether it is related to the practice of 5 distinct methodologies that you can utilize or how to do betting skillfully.

Moreover, you will also be able to understand the logic and math behind the whole scene like how bookmakers use their genius to sell their offers, what it takes to understand the direction of the market, on which you are betting or how can you get to the top, etc. So whether you are new or an expert, here your confusion will never go unanswered. Here is the screenshot for that:

Accumulator Generator Full Breakdown

Now we are sure! You are not scared whether you are already in a lion’s den or simply finding, how to step in.

Our Verdict- a final word

Now we believe that you agree, Mike Cruickshank has literally cleared the path of other bettors, especially those who usually lay accumulator bets. He has proved his consideration in case of both the requirements and wishes of every individual seriously by creating a low-risk betting software. The interested newcomers are also welcome here, which is good. In short, it is almost a win-win game for everyone.

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