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“most original and thorough introduction to Betfair trading we have seen, a recommended read”

Review: Betfair Trading Made Simple by Caan Berry

Overall rating: 9/10


In the betting industry, it’s not often you find 100% honesty. In this case, we feel the author has done this. Designed for new traders who seek to trade the online betting exchanges, this book starts at ground-zero and works up into logic and methodology. It doesn’t give away all the ‘secrets’ that some may hope to hear, although there are strong hints.

Explanations are routinely backed up with examples (including images) and logic. However, there isn’t any ego massaging or crazy betting tales throughout. It’s been created with the readers learning in mind.

The book receives a 9/10 from us. It get’s straight to the point, delivers on all promises within it’s description and is very reasonably priced. On the whole this is the most original and thorough introduction to Betfair trading we have seen, a recommended read.

Positive Points:Betfair Trading Book

  • Well structured and thorough
  • Methodology is clear
  • The Author has been verified as a successful trader
  • Suitable for all sports and levels

Negative Points:

  • Audio book is not available on audible
  • There are one or two grammatical errors
  • Colour images internally with paperback

Recommended For…

We would put this forward as our number 1 resource for anyone looking to learn about trading on exchanges. As the book description stipulates – this is not an advanced strategy book. Therefore we would say the book is preferable to new and intermediate exchange traders. In addition, it’s an ideal resource for those with matched betting experience.

If you are not looking to trade betting exchanges specifically, it’s likely you will still benefit from this book. Inside the book there are examples and understanding that would benefit more punters.

Where to get Betfair Trading Made Simple…

Formats available: Paperback | Digital (via Kindle) | Audio Book.

Purchase: Betfair Trading Made Simple by Caan Berry

Alternatives: Audio book is available via the authors personal website, paperback copies can sometimes be found on eBay.

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