Gambling For Life: Harry Findlay

Harry Findlay Gambling For Life

“a unique insight into the inner circle of the betting world, and what drives it “

Review: Gambling For Life by Harry Findlay

Overall rating: 6/10


A no-holes barred book full of entertainment, brutal honesty and heart-stopping decisions. That said, we thought it would have been better.

Harry Findlay is an all or nothing guy and this gripping account shows it. There’s plenty of speculation around how profitable he really has been and how much was luck!

We enjoyed the book although lost interest in the final stages, mainly due to the authors writing style. That said, it’s very reasonably priced. If you want a laugh and love your racing – take a peek.

We’ve given it at 6/10 because it’s not going to improve your betting. However, there’s no dispute – it’s a unique insight into the inner circle of the betting world, and what drives it.

Positive Points:Harry Findlay

  • Down to earth reflection of events
  • Amusing and outrageous stories
  • Private insights unlikely elsewhere

Negative Points:

  • Key interests left unexplained
  • Writing style is frustrating
  • Unnecessary padding

Recommended For…

This title is ideal for long-time racing fans. If you have seen the online documentaries following Harry Findlay in the 1990’s it’s unlikely the highs and lows included will disappoint.

If you need a book to accompany you on holiday by the pool, it’s likely to provide some entertainment and laughs. However, due to the aforementioned remarks about writing style – it’s not going to be to everyone’s liking.

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Formats available: Paperback | Digital (via Kindle) | Audio Book.

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