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Geeks Toy Software Review (3 Exchanges)

Geeks Toy Trading Software Review

By name Geeks Toy might give you a kids-shopping-retail sort of impression but actually it is not then what is it? What does it aims for? Who uses it and why?

In this article, we will answer these questions as well as we’ll see, what people think of Geeks Toy.

Geeks Toy

Geeks Toy is software for Betfair, launched in the year 2009. It was created as a result of accidental report on Betfair trading in 2007, the absence of decent-quality trading software. The company believes that every individual has a hidden potential, which is why he must be given room to show it.

The company hit the new heights of success in such a short time. By delivering excellent and a reliable performance worldwide, the software has won the hearts of many in case of Betfair trading and by 2012 it became an important trading platform for punters all over the world since the team kept on working on new features and updates that the traders really need.

This software assists in your betting activities on more than one platform. The site offers its services for Betdaq and Matchbook as well, which has given it a lot of popularity. Moreover, Betfair being the pioneer in online betting exchange, having a professional trading software is mandatory, since otherwise, the process becomes even more complex than it already is.

Geeks Toy for Betdaq

Betdaq is the second largest betting exchange that is run by a platform powered by Exchange Platform Solutions Ltd, Ladbrokes International plc. It is proprietary software that is fully protected by the European Union’s copyright and is absolutely free. Though as compared to Betfair counter-part, it is a bit slow but provides all the necessary features that you require during your betting. Moreover, Geeks Toy receives financial help from Betdaq that helps it to keep the software free for new users. If you want to learn more about Betdaq, then visit the link embedded above for that.

Geeks Toy for Matchbook

Matchbook is another betting exchange, with which Geeks Toy is affiliated. It is packed with unique features that focus on valuing your investment. Here its team continues innovating this software as per the clients’ requirements and choices. Also, you can download and use it free of charge. For more understanding, visit the official site of Matchbook by clicking the link given above.

Geeks Toy for Matchbook

Just a reminder, you would have to download Betdaq and Matchbook separately. Though they both have the same goal, still, the platforms are different, so don’t confuse them as one.

Geeks toy for Betfair

Now you also will be definitely anxious to know at the moment, what is Geeks toy for Betfair? So it is a third-party software where you will find such features such as lightening-speed bet placement that you might not find on other trading websites. So what are these features, let us give you a brief overview:

Geeks Toy’s Features:

A fluent experience and a clear understanding is a topmost priority for any better. Geeks toy offers a robust platform at lightning speed. It is highly responsive and efficient software that allows real-time betting transactions. Following are the features of this software:

  • Fast and responsive
  • Graphical representation
  • The training mode
  • Education
  • Grid Interface
  • Great customer support

Fast and responsive

Do you want to keep up the race? Then Geeks toy enables you to place your bets at a lightning speed, which makes it the topmost in the list of other trading software available in the market.

Graphical Representation

The vivid graphical representation helps you to liquidate your performance. It allows you to understand the market trading conditions which is extremely important in case of development.

The Training Mode

The person stepping in the Betfair field is not always a skillful trader. Therefore, Geeks Toy offers an in-built training mode that allows you to practice Betfair, regardless of any condition.


Geeks Toy also teaches you the art of betting, which is really useful, especially for newbies. They have attached various videos regarding this matter so if in any case, you forgot something in the process or want to learn about Betfair then you just go to the link and watch these videos.

Grid Interface

Though you might be familiar with Grid interface since it is not something new, but as it is easy to handle hence you do not feel stressed or confused with it. By this, you can easily understand the situation and direction of the market through the offers and bids moving up and down rapidly.

Grid Interface Geeks

Great customer support

Support is an important factor when you use any kind of software. Here at Geeks Toy, you get 24 hours service in this regard so if anything troubles you, they will help you out.

For better experience, the site has some additional features such as:

More than a single market

At Geeks Toy, you can bet on multiple markets while monitoring each one of them at the same time. The software has an in-built option where you can arrange everything on a single window, which is really convenient to the user.


Too many calculations, how annoying! But now you don’t have to bother about it either because Geeks Toy offers Dutching and Bookmarking functionality that allows you to avoid hefty calculations and saves your time.


Geeks Toy allows you to use charts, so you can view performances of your bets as well as the situation in the entire market. This allows you to make the most of your investment.


Here you cannot just view markets but can also review the activities of other betters, which allows you to trade and place bets even when you are on the run.

Easy Market navigation

Here you can select markets that match your need, thanks to the in-built navigation of the software. This makes everything convenient and effortless for you, also, you are saved from unwanted struggling.


Not to forget, Geeks Toy comes with the ability to customize the interface as per the desired color scheme and other features.

System Requirements

Every server requires a specific system to operate, you know that right!  So, it is also not something new that Geeks Toy also has some. Although you can easily operate it, if you have a modern computer, still, we listed the primary requirements below for your convenience. These are as follows:

  • 6 ghz single core processor
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20MB free hard disk space

In case, if you have trouble installing or getting confused with the links then visit the link given below:

This page will look like this:

Download Geeks Toy


Geeks toy focuses on the affordability of its client in case of payment plans.  This is the reason why many people prefer this software for Betfair trading. What’s more interesting! When you use this software for a longer term, the monthly price also drops accordingly. For instance, if you have decided to use Geeks Toy for 3 years, then the cost will drop to 3.33 GBP per month. Apart from this, here you don’t need to renew your subscription again and again, which is good. Now you will be anxious to know the payment package of Geeks Toy, these are as follows:

  • 3 months package – 20 GBP
  • 1 year package – 60 GBP

You can also visit the website to confirm the cost. Here is the screenshot for that:

Subscription Cost

The User’s manual

The user manual of Geeks Toy is quite understandable. Everything here is labeled and explained perfectly. We have attached a PDF file below for you to view:

Who uses Geeks Toy?

Geeks Toy has already grabbed many users’ attention, all around the world. Hence, if you use this software and get impressed by its performance, then it is not surprising. Many people are impressed by its performance and never thought about changing it after they used it. In case, if you want to know what every single said then visit the link below.

The page will look like this:

User Feedback


Geeks Toy has made everything easier by attaching various videos on their website. Hence, whether it is a case of learning the art of Betfair or enhancement of your betting expertise, you will find every related-clip here. Moreover, for those who prefer watching practical videos over reading a manual, these are very handy. If you want to watch them too, then take a look at the link along with the screenshot.

Knowledge Base Manual

So if you also can’t understand the Geek Toy user’s manual then watch these videos, this will help you to resolve your confusion in no time.

Wrap Up

Overall, if you are looking for a betting server packed with quality and low-cost, then Geeks Toy can offer you all of that.  So what are you waiting for? Subscribe and download Geeks Toy server today on your computer and get ready to challenge others in the line of betting as you don’t want to be left behind or do you?

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