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Gruss Betfair Assistant

Gruss Betting Assistant is the perfect tool for all those who love to have fun betting. After all, it is a passionate hobby for millions of people around the world. For many, the betting performance greatly varies. Some people can simply make better bets, making this hobby more entertaining for them.

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All those who want to have more fun and achieve a better win ratio might really get to like Gruss Betting Assistant. This piece of software will provide you with an advantage with Betfair and Betdaq exchanges. Continue reading our Gruss Betting Assistant review to learn more about the product and what you can expect from it.

What is Gruss Betting Assistant for Betfair

Gruss Betting Assistant is an automated software tool that serves to help you place bets quicker. It is specifically aimed at those who love having fun with in-running bets. The software excels at helping users quickly place these bets.

The best part about the whole story is that a couple of passionate betters, that is two brothers, decided to create Gruss Betting Assistant. After staying present for 15 years in the market, the software creators did their best to gather advice from the community. This has allowed them to constantly work on improving the Gruss Betting Assistant.

In our Gruss Betting Assistant review, we are going to cover several important points. These will hopefully help you make the decision of whether you should use this software.

  • Who is the software intended for?
  • What features does the software offer?
  • Is there a user manual for Gruss Betting Assistant?
  • What is the pricing of the software product?
  • Are there any Gruss Betting Software videos available?
  • What are the tech specs and requirements?

Let’s start going through each of these points.

Who uses Gruss Betting Assistant

Gruss Betting Assistant is intended for all those who want to make their betting more entertaining. Also, improving those chances to win is everyone’s goal, and this is where these betting assistants come into play.

On the software website, it is clearly indicated that the program is intended for all those who love in-running betting. If you belong to that group of betters, you will find this software to be quite useful. You will be able to use it for other types of betting, however, in-running betting is where it is going to be extremely effective.

Also, the design of the software is built around Excel, which makes automation possible.

Gruss Betting Assistant Features

We like to go into plenty of details in our reviews. The same is going to be with this Gruss Betting Assistant review.

gruss betting assistant layout

We would first like to start off by noting that the layout of the software is very user-friendly. However, you can immediately notice that it is based on Excel. Also, the program supports your own programmed Excel sheets. This is very helpful for cases in which you want to automate the software. You can explore the forums to learn more about editing and programming your own Excel sheets.

The software boasts the following features:

  • One-Click betting on all 3 back & lay prices
  • Real-time updated display of potential profit
  • Auto-calculated stakes for taking profit or minimising loss
  • Dutching facility on back and lay bets
  • Ladder Interface
  • Tick offset bets with sliding stop loss
  • Outstanding community in the forum section
  • Triggered betting from Excel spreadsheets

As you can clearly tell, Gruss Betting Assistant is a feature-rich piece of software that offers as much as other competitors do, if not more.

User Manual for Gruss Betting Assistant

Those of you who are experienced with using betting assistants are going to find Gruss Betting Assistant quite easy to use. The interface is clean and you will be able to easily navigate throughout the software and use it.

gruss betting assistant manual

However, newer users will need to take some time to learn about all of the software features. The good thing about this software is that it comes with a whole forum section. There, you can find plenty of various resources available in the help section. You can also click on the “Resources” button in the top part of the website. This will lead you to a page with a wide range of useful resources.

Besides the available manual in the PDF form, you can also find the Betting Assistant YouTube tutorials available in the Videos section of the site. With the PDF manual available, you will be able to easily cover all the important things about this program and learn how to use it quickly.

How Much Does Gruss Betting Assistant Cost?

The marketplace for betting assistants is quite competitive. It is precisely in this segment that the Gruss Betting Assistant has found a way to stay ahead. It’s pricing is extremely competitive!

Using this software is going to cost you only £6 per month. Once you are initially charged with £6, you will continue paying every 30 days. You can also go for the annual subscription fee which is £60. This provides you with a small discount.

If you want to use the Gruss Betting Assistant for Betdaq operator, the software is in that case completely free.

Unlike many other software tools, this one offers you a 30-day trial period. This will give you plenty of time to decide whether you need the program at all. On top of that, you can also reach out to the program creators and ask for help directly from them. In our book, this is more than a reasonable offer!

Gruss Betting Assistant Software Videos

Besides the amazing manual that is available in PDF format, you can also learn about this software from a wide range of online videos.

In the upper right corner of the Gruss Betting Assistant website, you will see a purple tab “Video”. By clicking on it, you are going to come across various video guides. All of them are going to be helpful to you.

As they are all located on YouTube, you can enjoy top-notch image quality. These videos will also help you understand how the software looks and what are the most important features that you should look out for.

Furthermore, you will see guides with direct instructions on how you should place your bets to maximize your profits.

Like we’ve already mentioned, the whole video section is full of superb videos that will answer all of the important questions you might have.

Tech Specs and Requirements

Each of these software tools come with advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to system requirements, this is where this software has a couple of cons. This specifically refers to the fact that Gruss Betting Assistant is supported only on Windows machines.

The only reason for this lies in the fact that the program was developed in Microsoft Visual 2015. This means that it can only be run with the help of Microsoft Framework 4.6.1. As this framework is unsupported on Mac operating systems, only a Windows machine can run it.

If you are running Windows 7, 8 and 10, you will be able to run Gruss Betting Assistant without any challenges. If you are missing the Microsoft Framework 4.6.1, you can easily install it and start having fun.

System requirements are the same for both the Betfair and Betdaq exchanges. Don’t forget that you first need an account with the respective operators in order to use the Gruss Betting Assistant.

Gruss Betting Assistant Conclusion

This piece of software is definitely the right choice for those who love placing in-running bets. If you belong to the group, Gruss Betting Assistant is definitely something you should at least try out.

We have to say that brothers Gary Russell and Mark Russell have created a great product for Betfair and Betdaq users. Furthermore, regular updates to the software guarantee that it is only going to be better over time. You should always stick with tools that developers are constantly improving.

Another plus is that there is a big community of active users that will be more than welcome to help you! We believe that this is a very good product that you will truly enjoy using. Test it out, it is free!

Have you used Gruss Betting Assistant? Feel free to share your thoughts on our Gruss Betting Assistant review!

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