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Odds Monkey Review

Odds Monkey Review

Odds Monkey Review- Is it Really the Best Match Betting Service?

If you’ve been in the betting world for a while, you must have probably heard about Odds Monkey. That’s because they are the best-matched betting site compared to others. This service has proven to help people earn free cash every month.

Odds Monkey isn’t free, but it is every bit worth its cost, and you can also take advantage of the free trial they offer for the first time when you want to use the program. You can also get up to £45 free during the trial.

In this article, we will give you an honest and detailed review about Odds Monkey.

Odds Monkey

What is the Odds Monkey About?

If you don’t know about matched betting and have never heard about Odds Monkey, then you have come to the right place. Odds Monkey was designed as an odds matching software to provide users with matched betting opportunities.

The site has been since 2016 used in the betting world for earnings, and it even has its own matched betting site. The program is especially great because it allows you to win tax-free money.

The best part about this software is that it does all the work for you and all you need to do is follow the instructions given. On their website, you will find a video on the Odds Monkey homepage that gives a very detailed guide on how to use their services. The beautiful graphics in the video gives you a great idea what Odds Monkey is about.

Odds Monkey Screen

What Does Odds Monkey Do?

The Odds Monkey matched betting site gives users training and also provides tools they can use to make profits from their bets. The matched betting strategy is when you place two bets, a back bet and a lay bet for a single event. By placing these two bets, you will be guaranteed profits, especially from the free betting offers from bookmakers.

Odds Monkey Tutorials and Guides

Another thing you should know about Odds Monkey is that you also get access to their free training materials that show you how the matched betting system works.

People get really nervous when they are placing their bets for the first time. The Odd Monkey tutorials prepare you and relieve you of that tension. With its step by step video instructions that show you how to place your first matched bet to get great and rewarding profits. Odds Monkey has other tutorial materials on other advanced methods of matched betting like access and each way betting.

Odds Monkey Service

Features of Odds Monkey

Here are some of the features that the Odds Monkey software offers users, which makes it unique:

  1. Odds Matcher

The Odds Monkey software is an odds matcher tool which will scan through hundreds of bookmakers to find the best bets you can place. The software is very fast, and you can also customize its settings. The software is also user-friendly and considered as the best in the market.

  1. New Offers Notification for Matched Bets

Most times bookmarkers alert you by emails when new offers are available, but it can really be stressful having to sort through hundreds of emails in your inbox trying to decide which bet will be worth it. Odds Monkey does all the work of you in this case. You have access to viewing several pages where you can find offers both new and the ones you have already subscribed to. You can also know beforehand how much profit you will make from a bet and how to place the bet.

You will also appreciate Odd Monkey when there are major sports events like the World Cup because they give you offers that will help you make lots of profit.

  1. Matched Betting Calculator

Odds Monkey has a simple and trusted calculator that you can use to calculate your likely profit for a bet at the betting exchange. The calculator is very easy to use and can be considered as efficient. The Odds Monkey tutorials show you how you can use the calculator in a way that it will guarantee you profits from your bets.

  1. Help and Support

You will find a lot of online resources where people discuss matched betting, but Odds Monkey has the largest online forum on the internet. The site has a large community of users who are always there when you need help one way or another. You will find over a million posts about customer offers which are almost impossible to find in other matched betting forums.

Also, if you need assistance and can’t get the answer you need on the Odds Monkey forum, the service has an active support service. Their staff is always available, and you can even make a call to them. They understand that they need to keep using their matched betting services, so they are always ready to give you all the support you need.

  1. Profits Tracking

Another exciting feature of this software is that you can track all your profits made on their site. This tracking helps you monitor your activities when betting so you can see all your earnings and be motivated as you continue to benefit from the service.

  1. Advanced Matched Betting and Casino Offers

Odds Monkey’s matches betting principles can also be used for other online games like casinos and slot games.

  1. Casino Betting

With their service, you will be guided on how to do casino offers with advanced matched betting like ACCAs and each way bets. The betting strategy is very professional and also very simple.

Is Odds Monkey a scam?

Odds Monkey is not a scam. The program is currently used by many subscribers all over the world. The site makes money only from selling its premium services to its users and not from the bets you make, which are on the bookmarkers sites.

Is it a get rich quick scheme?

The mistake most people make is thinking they can subscribe to Odds Monkey to get rich from this scheme. Odds Monkey allows you to make tax free cash and you get profits based on how many offers you wager on as well as the profit from these offers. All the money you get from the site is tax-free because the UK does not tax any profit made from gambling.

How much does the Odds Monkey cost?

Odds Monkey comes with three packages, and they include:

  • Free Trial
  • Premium Plan – £17.99 per month
  • Annual plan – £150.00 per year

The free trial period gives you a chance to see how well Odds Monkey works; you can make up to £45 from your bets on this package and access to an introductory tutorial. The premium packages step up your benefit by giving you access to over a hundred tutorials, odds matching tool, dutching tools, racing matcher, and daily offer calendar. You also get access to their community and support as a premium member.

Pros of Odds Monkey

Here are some of the benefits of using Odds Monkey for your matched betting.

  • Beginners have access to great offers from matched betting.
  • Their prices are reasonable
  • Premium members have access to more match betting tools including odds matching tool, dutching tools, racing matcher, and daily offer calendar.
  • Odds Monkey is very fast and reliable
  • They have a user-friendly site and tutorials that make matched betting look easy.


The system doesn’t have many cons. Most of the complaints which customers had previously have been resolved. For instance, they have now included more tutorial videos in the trial version and also provided a better interface for all their users. The developers keep updating the program to make sure that it meets up with the needs of their customers.


I would say that the Odds Monkey program is definitely worth it. There is no matched betting service that meets up to the standards of Odds Monkey. If you have any doubt about if the program works, the free trial should be enough to convince you, and without spending any dime from your pocket, you can make up to £45.

If you are a professional or have some experience in gambling, the premium package will be the best option for you. The developers have made the program very effective for profit making. Odds Monkey is a legit program and is a great way to increase your chances of winning your bets. You can learn a lot from their strategy and also be able to make money from casinos asides from sports betting.

We will recommend you to try out the Odds Monkey because they are very good and even the best in the industry. Their premium package is also one of the most affordable compared to other matched betting programs. The site owners always introduce many tools and tutorials to help their users continue to benefit from their services.

The company also guarantees a 30 days 100% money back to customers to show how confident they are about the services they provide.

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