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Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser Review


What comes to mind when you hear ‘Profit Maximizer’? More profits? That was exactly what rang in my head the first time I heard the word too!

But guess what? Profit Maximizer is a trading software that lives up to its name- it maximizes your betting profits.

Ever wondered how this software helps you to make more money?

Congratulations. You’re in the right place! In just a few minutes of your time, I’ll give you a review of this site. So, have your seatbelt in place while I take you through the nitty-gritty of this software in one ride!

Profit Maximiser Matched Bet


Profit Maximiser is betting software that leverages on free bets, casino deposit bonuses, and so on to help you make more betting profits that are guaranteed.

Being a binary based trading site, Profit Maximizer is a low-risk betting platform that has the solution to betting probability issues. This is because it predicts what bets to deal and otherwise.

Cool right?

This software is unique because it teaches you step by step how best to make extra cash from free betting and bonuses. So you need not have prior experience.

My best part is; the software is built, so you never run out of free bets. It contains a feature that reloads offers and shows you recent free bets and casino bonuses you can deal in. That’s providing you with a constant string of low-risk bets with guaranteed profits!

In a bid to further authenticate the use of Profit Maximiser, goal profits betting system review had one of their staff use the platform. The staff had made E260 in profit, completed 22 offers after using the platform for one month.


With as low as one pound, you can get a 14 day trial to use the software. To gain full access, Profit Maximiser costs £118.80 (VAT inclusive) yearly.

Profit Maximiser Membership

Now that you know what profit maximizer is all about; I’ll take you through specifics of what it includes.

  • Casino offers
  • Sporting betting offers
  • Odd matching
  • Offer Calendar
  • Tutorials
  • Forum
  • Email support center
  • Add-ons


Casino offers are number one on my list because it is profit maximizer’s greatest strength. Unlike the usual steady and gradual build-up of profit typical of regular betting, this software uses variance.

Operating with variance ensures that there is a kind of wavering or fluctuations in your profit and loss that generates positive expected values on offers that you get on the site from casinos.

Profit Maximiser Offers

So, as a result of the variance feature, your profit and loss have lots of ups and downs. i.e., it increases by 10% today and could reduce by 2% tomorrow kind of a situation.

This can only translate to one thing: you can get as much guaranteed profits as you want if you complete enough casino offers, and you can win big too.

Sounds like a bluff right? Well, the site has a proof of the highest casino offer win of over 500, 000 pounds in 2015 and that, if you ask me is enough to motivate me to start.

You may not win as much as 500, 000 pounds but you may definitely get close and lucky to have some really high wins.

Even though casino offers require a minimum of 200 pounds to start, Profit maximizer variance feature has increased the winning potential you have when dealing in casino offers.

Compared to other betting software, Profit maximizer remains the best for casino offers.


Profit Maximiser sport betting offers are gold because the site is designed to tell you exactly how to leverage the offers to make more money. Any offer made available by bookmakers can be used to generate more profits. Profit Maximiser uses some tools to make your sport betting experience a very wonderful one. They are:

  • Tutorials
  • Odds matcher
  • Calendar

Tutorials: These are step by step guides available in videos or pdf that helps you to learn the nooks and cranny of sport betting that would result in huge gains. Once you’re a registered user on Profit Maximiser, you have access to the tutorials on a private site. The tutorials are your number one sure way to make money like a pro. Since they are in video or written format, you get to choose which one works best for you, follow it and make profits with little or no stress at all.

Odds Matcher: This unique tool helps to match as closely as possible, odds between the bookmaker and betting exchange sites. It eases you off the stress of finding close matches for odds. It tells you the amount of profit you are likely to make even before the game takes place. What is required of you is to input the data correctly into the calculator, lay your stake and let the odds matcher do its magic.

Offer Calendar: The offer calendar helps to keep you organized and reminds you of the offers you are interested in dealing. You get emails furnishing you with information on offers and bookmakers’ data. This way, it is hard for you to miss out on any offer lasting for more than a day.


Just like stack overflow has become the programmers’ discussion area, Profit maximizer runs a closed Facebook group where all tips and tricks are discussed. You have access to a community of like-minded people who are willing to share from their wealth of betting experience and answer your mind bugging questions. It is where you get to interact one-on-one with the bet masters and top notch bonus hunters who will set you off on the right track.

On this forum, you’ll get adequate information about ambiguities in casino and how best to leverage them to give you huge profits.


Although the site is user-friendly and you have access to almost answers to any question you might have, Profit Maximiser has a prompt email support center that is always ready to render any kind of service that you require.


Profit Maximiser has add-on features on their websites that help you to have a better experience and win better. However, as I hate to break your heart, these add-ons are not free. You have to pay additional fees to use them. Either way, these add-ons are excellent at making your stay at Profit Maximiser one that is worthwhile, so let’s talk about them.

  • Bonus Bagging
  • Accumulator Generator
  • EV Maximiser
  • Eachway Sniper
  • Betfair sniper
  • Bookie blowout


If you are a novice in the matched betting, then this is for you. It contains a breakdown of matched betting and guides you through making more money from matched betting. Even if you are total dummy at betting, just get yourself a bonus bag!


For guaranteed profits at stipulated times, the accumulator generator should be your best friend. It helps to generate accumulators that would definitely translate to guaranteed profits!


Remember the variance we talked about when I introduced casino offers? The thing is most sites have inaccurate calculators that could cause you to lose your bets. The EV maximizer, however, would help you to know what offers are profitable or not before taking a betting leap.


If you are a horse racing bettor, the each way sniper is the one for you! The unique tool helps you to leverage horse races to give you maximum wins while taking the minimum risk possible.


Betfair sniper is also used for horse racing bets. You get to trade way before the racing begins which could mean more wins for you.


Bookie blowout furnishes you with guaranteed tips to winning your horse racing bets.


To end our ride, it is important to note that Profit Maximiser offers great opportunities to earn big through betting. Their site strength, which is the use of variance in casino betting, has expanded the potential earnings of casino offer bettors. The basic thing required from you is to complete the offers.

Because the website doesn’t look sleek, a lot of people tend to doubt the authenticity of the site. However, if making real money is what you’re about, then Profit Maximiser is your go-to website.

Although Profit Maximiser doesn’t seem to be winning its competitor’s race in terms of paid add-on features, however, the add-on features, especially the EV maximizer, has been proven to be worth its pay.

Compared to its competitors, Profit Maximiser charges a relatively low price per year. Competitors like OddMonkey have subscribers pay up to E150 yearly. What’s more, is with E1, you get to use the Profit Maximiser platform on trial for 14 days.

The platform may not be as good in terms of sports betting and add-on features when compared to its closest competitor, odd monkey, but Profit Maximiser is definitely worth the resources and investment put in.

Now that we have ended our ride, what’s stopping you from making more money?

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