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Rebel Betting Review – Best for Arbing?

Rebel Betting Reviewed

A lot of people have lost money betting on sports online, and the reason for this is because they follow the wrong strategy. Most times, people guess the wrong outcome.

If you are losing money in sports betting and you don’t try other methods, you will keep losing more money over and over again. You can take advantage of rebel betting to start changing your odds. There are many strategies to use when betting on sports and amongst them is arbitrage betting the Rebel Betting Software uses.

In this article, we will give you a full review of Rebel Betting and what makes this method best for you. Here we will answer the following questions.

  • What is arbitrage betting?
  • What do you benefit from using Rebel Betting software?
  • How does it work?
  • How much does the software cost?
  • Is it worth the investment?

What is Arbitrage Betting?

This is a betting strategy that is able to cover all the possible outcomes in a betting market. The strategy is meant to make sure so that the better is able to win no matter the outcome. If you use a particular bookmarker, you can’t possibly win all the time because most bookmarkers have a margin of 3% to 10%. This means that you will end up losing 3% to 10% of all your bets if you try to cover all possible outcomes in one betting market.

However, there is a massive competition amongst bookmarkers so you will find varying odds and fluctuations in prices that will give you profits no matter the case. In this case, you can place bets with more than one bookmarker and win without taking any risk, but it is difficult to find such advantage because bookmarkers add trying to avoid them so they will quickly adjust the odds when this happens.

It is challenging to get a chance for arbitrage betting, and that is why you will need software like Rebel Betting.

Why was the software developed?

Rebel Betting was created in 2006 to allow betters to access a large number of bookmarkers online in order to find arbitrage opportunities. The software is one of the most popular in arbitrage betting sports. The software is used by people all over the world and can link to various online bookmarkers at a breakneck speed.  Rebel Betting helps you find odds that will give you an edge over bookmarkers.

Rebel Betting Review

Who is Rebel Betting?

Rebel Betting, which has spent over a decade, has proven to be very efficient and effective. There are over 100,000 users in more than 100 countries around the world that are using this software. Their platform is highly respected and a very trusted brand in the betting industry.

Bookmarkers and Sports

The top benefit of the Rebel Betting software is its long list of betting markets and online sites. The developers have continued to add more arbitrage opportunities in the software to give users more winning advantages.

The software currently has over 70 online bookmarkers and covers the following sports.

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Horse racing
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Aussie Rules

From this list, you can see that the Rebel Betting software covers all the popular sports on gambling sites.

How Does It Work?

When using the software, anytime there is an arbitrage wager, the system will automatically display them on a list along with information on the percentage you stand to get, the bookmarkers, the sport, and other information.

Also, if you want to make an entry, the software allows you to search for more data by clicking on the particular arbitrage that you want. It will display the information on a new window called Arb Details.

Users can also find more important information like particular markets, bookmarkers, and even a calculator. This will help you decide what amount of bet you can make and your likely profit, which will be based on your wager amount. Rebel Betting software is user-friendly, and it is effortless to operate.

User Interface and Custom Features

When looking at the user interface and the different features of Rebel Betting, users can agree that the software is very easy to operate. The program has a unique feature that allows you to adjust it to your convenience. You can easily add or remove the bookmarkers you do not want. There are also other filters that you can access like the time, the available markets, and many other features. You can also choose your preferred sound notification when new arbitrage opportunities come up.

Rebel Betting Review Module

Matched Betting Module

Among the newest features of Rebel, Betting is matched betting. This is where you can benefit from the cash bonuses that most bookmarkers give out to make free bets without taking any risk. When you use the arbitrage opportunities, you get extra value because you will be playing with the free money from the cash operators without using your own money. You can also meet up with the bookmarkers wagering requirements by making a couple of arbitrage.

Most times, matched betting does not allow arbitrages, but the Rebel Betting software will combine various techniques to give you the best outcomes. With the standard matched betting approach, you are supposed to make 80 to 90% of the betting value. Rebel Betting delivers you the best odds and the winnings you are focusing on. This software also comes with a lot of custom features, alerts, and currency conversions. It is designed to make sure that you make your profits.

How Much Does Rebel Betting Cost?

The benefits you get from the Rebel Betting software does not come at a low price. However, the software comes with different packages which you can choose from depending on your budget. Here are the prices:

  • Lite – €39 per month
  • Pro- €129 per month
  • Enterprise- €499 per month
Benefits of Using Rebel Betting

Now that you understand how the software works, then you should know if it is worth the investment. Here are some of the benefits people will get from using the Rebel Betting software.

Quick Access To Arbitrage Opportunities

The software quickly searches and finds arbitrage opportunities from a large number of supported bookmarkers.

Easy to Use

As earlier mentioned, Rebel Betting has a simple user interface and elementary custom features you can easily handle without any need for training.


The inbuilt calculator allows you to quickly check the attached possible outcome of your total wager before placing an arbitrage wager. You will quickly know how much profit you stand to make.

No risk betting

The difference between the Rebel Betting software and the standard betting strategy is the edge you will get over the bookmarkers. It takes away the guessing game which most betters often do and end up losing their wager.

Matched betting module

The software allows you to take advantage of promotions from bookmarkers which are risk-free and does not involve you spending your money. Rebel Betting allows you to make more money using strategies that are without any risk.

Flexible packages:

You can choose the lite version which is cheap or the pro version and enterprise depending on what you can afford. The software allows you even to get custom software specially designed to meet your needs.

An extra way to earn money

Rebel Betting allows you to make extra money with its various techniques and strategies that have proven over time to be very effective in sports betting.

Rebel Betting Negatives:

The software seems almost perfect except for some things which we will also cover.


Though the Rebel Software is the best arbitrage betting software in the market, it isn’t cheap. This might be a problem, especially for those who can’t afford expensive software.

No Mobile App

The developers of the Rebel Betting software are yet to create a mobile app for the program, especially since almost every software now has a mobile app version.

OddsCart Conclusion: Worth the investment?

Rebel Betting has earned its reputation in the market as being the best in arbitrage betting. Their software is second to none, and it is highly recommended for people who want to take betting to the next level.

The software can be used by anyone, whether beginners or experienced hands. The software also comes with a free e-book manual that allows you to understand everything about the program quickly.

I will recommend the Rebel Betting software to anyone even though it is not cheap, because of the service it offers. It is every bit worth the investment, especially if you are interested in sports arbitrage. If you have the money and can afford the cost of using this software, then you shouldn’t hesitate because it will bring you a lot of profit in the long run. It saves you all the money you will end up losing if you try your method, which ends up wasting your cash. This is an honest review of this software, and you will see it is worth it when you try it out.

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